The Benevolence of God Gifted to Us

God has given to us the gift of giving. Generous giving is a product of gracious living. We give because God gave His nature to us. Many of us suffer from the stronghold of the fear of giving. We somehow feel that if we give then we will not have. God’s word on the other hand teaches that when you give, the more you are given to give more to be an expression of God’s great benevolence that He lavishes on us. Church family I am excited about this week’s message. I truly believe this message has the potential of breaking many of us who have been stymied in the religion of giving to be set free to give out of grace and not law. If you want to find out more about what this means make sure you are here this Sunday when we break open the code to the joy of giving. I hope to see you this Sunday.Sincerely,Pastor Michael