This Blood is for You

Yes, for all of you 80’s and 90’s sports fans: you are correct. I am stealing the idea of a popular beer slogan from TV commercials. The reason why is because it was catchy and it stuck in your mind. Well, this week’s message I want to make sure it sticks in our minds and our hearts. Not only that, but unlike the beer ad, this statement that I am making is true to all who hear it no matter what the age. Please, join me this Sunday as we focus on what we the church is all about: Jesus and what He did for us. This Sunday we are going to take our time to walk through the scriptures and remember what we are supposed to remember and why. We will then partake in the “Lord’s Supper” with sober hearts. This is a great time to invite unbelievers or those who are struggling but it is truly meant for all of us. I hope to see you all on Sunday. 

Blessings on you all,

Pastor Michael