The Day That Hope Broke Through (AKA: Christmas)

Christmas is quickly approaching. This is the time when many pastors pull out their sermons on hope and new birth. It really is a fantastic time of the year but, even though we know what Christmas is all about, we can still sometimes miss the Messiah. Luke 2:22-31 is the account where Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple for circumcision and to offer a sacrifice.

In this account, we see a godly priest, Simeon, and an elderly widow, Anna, who came every day to the Temple to worship and pray. Both of these people recognized who Jesus was the moment they saw him.

What’s interesting is the fact that lots of people probably saw the infant Jesus during the first eight days of His life. The problem is that all they saw “baby Jesus.” They saw him and acknowledged him but they didn’t see the Messiah. I’m sure well-intentioned women visited Mary to admire her newborn. Perhaps as people passed Mary and Joseph on the street they stopped to look at Jesus. They stroked His chin; cooed at Him; perhaps kissed His forehead. They were that close to Him . . . but none of them recognized who He was! Think about that. Many of these people were good godly Jews. They worshiped at the Temple, offered the right sacrifices, believed the Christ would come. Many were hoping and praying for the Messiah. But no one on that day except for Simeon and Anna recognized Him. Why? What made the difference?  What a sad commentary. I think the enemy would love for us to get close to Jesus this Christmas and even acknowledge him but miss the significance and awe of seeing and worshiping the Messiah. I have been spending a lot of time waiting before the Lord lately. I am asking for Him to empower me to see more than before, to be overwhelmed by His presence. This Sunday we will make a purposeful effort to see Him more and worship Him more deeply as we talk about "The Day That Hope Broke Through.” Family, I hope to see you on Sunday.

Love you all,

Pastor Michael

Luke 2:22-31