Fighting the Battle One Day at a Time

Have you ever sensed that you were in a spiritual battle?

When someone says “spiritual warfare,” what comes to your mind?

What is your natural tendency in a conflict—to fight or to flee?

If you fight, what is your mindset in fighting the problem? Do you just follow your natural instincts? Do you intellectually dissect the problem and then use logic and reasoning to try and work it out? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? If so, how?

Have you ever considered that a besetting sin or an unresolved conflict could in any way be related to spiritual warfare? If so, do you immediately pray and ask God to reveal to you the real battle and the plan to overcome?

This week we continue to look at the importance of having a healthy understanding of Spiritual Warfare in our everyday life.

Hope to see you on Sunday. Blessings, Pastor Michael


10:31 - Good morning! We pray that you hear truth this morning. As we start this service today, I’d like us to pray once again.


“Father we love you. We stand in your promises. We trust you. Hope in you. Know you’re the source of our life, our strength. WE can be flippant with the great gift of salvation, with your word, with our very lives.

We often tear through our lives with disregard for your vision and plan.

As Saul became Paul, may we stop chasing what we think is right. Stop us in our tracks. Close our eyes to wrong and open them to right. May we be the men and women you purpose for us.

Once again I pray for our dear brother and sister Byron and Laurel. Continue to strengthen them, lift their heads, overwhelm them with your love. Show us how to love them well. We want to support and care for them.

In this day, when many of us come to you in different seasons of life, meet us. May the kingdom continue to be established in our lives.”


The importance of spiritual batte/warfare. There are a lot of teachings about it. And some are good and some are way out there. Some divert so much into what happens in their lives and go away from the WoG.

SO much goes on here and some are excited and others are scared.

This is something that is not constantly seen but IS constantly there. We can have crazy thoughts, ideas, and mysticism. Some are drawn to it. Some are driven away. But we need to understand that SpW is real, constant, eminent.

We are spiritual beings, born again, with the Spirit of God within us. We must recognize the battle being fought.


Reading from a commentator: “The Christian conflict is not only real, it is difficult and dangerous. True believers are grievously hurt… Great mistakes are often committed and serious loss occurs from ignorance of its nature and the need to carry it on. Conscience vs evil passion? No. Paul warns us that everything pertaining to SpW is supernatural. The conflict isn’t between good and bad principles of NATURE. The higher powers of the universe are involved. This isn’t to be taken casually or lightly.

As we have superhuman enemies, we need superhuman strength, divine armor. The weapons of our warfare are not natural but divine.”


We see constantly men and women who struggle with several facets of their life. So much is falling apart. Some, when they give their life to Christ, their lives fall apart rather than get better. That’s because it’s a spiritual battle.

The enemy is relentless. Foul.

As you watch the news and wonder, “How could someone possibly do something so vile, wicked, foul?” You have to realize that the vilest thing you’ve read about or seen, the enemy is more so than that. His intent is to bring utter destruction, chaos into your life and mine. [verses?]

last week, we talked about many different demonic forces and areas. Some are assigned to different people groups and areas.

WE’re not to fear, fret. There’s battle, but there’s one who’s victorious. He’s already given us the victory. Therefore stand in that victory.

Our God “arms us to stand victorious in battle’.


Ephesians 4:17-27 - (he’s talking to believers, therefore he’s talking to us.)

 17 ¶ Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds.

 18 They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

 19 They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

 20 But that is not the way you learned Christ!--

 21 assuming that you have heard about him and were taught in him, as the truth is in Jesus,

 22 to put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires,

 23 and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds,

 24 and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

 25 Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.

 26 Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,

 27* and give no opportunity to the devil.


[I stepped out]


Give no opportunity for the devil to come in and derail God’s purpose for your life. Remember, we’re more than conquerers. We overcome by faith. We stand in the place of victory. We have the high ground. And he’s telling us not to give any ground and let the enemy bring defeat to our lives.

Many of us HAVE. and are constantly in the place of defeat. We’re overcome by defeat without realizing how defeated we are.


Ephesians 6:10-17 

“in the Lord” - many times we stop after “be strong” and skip the “in the Lord” part. [what does it mean to be strong in the Lord?]

This is a passive phrase. It’s not something we do, but is something we surrender/submit to. This calls for the importance of prayer.

He says, “You have to submit to the Lordship and strength of God. And that only happens when we bend and bow the knee. To continually submit to the Lord in prayer. Not just with bunches of words, but waiting and listening.”


“the whole armor” - extremely important. It means “complete” armor. There are six things.

1. Truth

2. Righteousness

3. The gospel

4. Faith

5. Salvation

6. The Word of God

[seems there’s a bunch of overlap here. Are there other things we need or is this literally “complete”?]


These 6 things must be key in our lives.


When he stands us to ‘stand firm’, we stand in a place of victory.

1J 4:4 - you’ve overcome them because greater is he in you

1J 5:5

Rev 12:11 

James 4:7


We’ve been given the victory. We are victorious. So, he’s saying, “As you’ve been given the victory, put on this armor.”


Last week, the belt of truth. You can’t run in flowing garments, so this belt keeps you from stumbling. We have to believe and stand in absolute truth. That the totality of God’s Word is truth. And because He’s God, what was true yesterday is true today.

Remember the woman who wouldn’t give marriage licenses? Some asked, “Can we really believe the WoG? It says to do crazy things to homosexuals and others. We’d be killing people left and right.” This shows they don’t understand the complete WoG.

The law was before the gospel. It was regulation that was designed to stop the deadly disease for sin.

But Christ did bring a remedy. He fulfilled OT law. So we’re no longer under the law but under the new covenant. We’ve been set free. We can love those who are in sin.


The Breastplate of Righteousness

Paul’s writing from a Roman jail, surrounded by Roman soldiers. God’s gracious in His Word. E.g., the woman at the well (“living water”)


Breastplate went from neck to mid-thigh. It covered the core of the body.


The enemy will constantly try to attack you at the core of who you are. He’l try to get you t walk in self-righteousness and in the pride of life. You’ve clothed yourself with the r’ness of Christ. You are the r’ness of X. This is who you are. This is the foundation of who you are.


Php 3:8-9.


The Gospel of Peace

Rom 1:16 - Not ashamed of the gospel. It’s the power of God for salvation.

Cover your feet with it. You need to prepare your feet.

Spiritual armor isn’t just for defense.

Many people have a war going on inside of them. Devouring them. They’re seeking to find relief. And because they’re in torment within, when we encounter them, one of two things will happen: a) we’ll collide in conflict, or b) if we’re walking in the gospel (the good news that though we’re in the midst of our deep depravity and the height of our captivity, there’s salvation. He’s sent to set captives free. Son of God. Even while we were vile, tormented creatures. God sent His son to set us free.

So, here you come readily, joyfully walking in the gospel of peace. [Peace?]

If we’d take the time when we see someone walking n the violence of sins and vileness of carnality. And instead of walking in self-righteousness and criticism and condemnation, but instead look and see that if it wasn’t for God’s grace there go I. The gospel, the love of Christ. He met me in the depths of despair and depravity and set me free.

When we walk in the gospel, we encounter those who are warring within themselves, as we walk in the peace of the true gospel, that true gospel sets people free. It penetrates into the darkest pain to shed light, love, hope.

It’s not how well you’ve learned the 4 spiritual laws. But as you’ve submitted to God, allowing God to love you and you love Him. As the Word brings counsel to your life. As you center your mind heart and spirit. The Spirit of God is at work. You can befriend, love, care. And in that war raging inside someone, peace can penetrate and overcome.

It’s happened to me. And I’m assuming it’s happened to you.

Be quick and joyfully ready to walk in the good news that Jesus sets free.


The Helmet of Salvation

Helmet - surround and defend. Put on that thing that will surround and defend that salvation [?].

How many of us have been bombarded from the enemy? Tormented from the lies of the enemy? When something happens, our mind becomes tormented. 

He says you’ve been set free. Rescued.

They had a plume of feathers that came up, showing whose army you belong to.

It shows you’ve been recruited, rescued. And no matter what vile thing attacks, you’ve been rescued by the salvation of Christ.

When the mind is attacked, the soul and heart go into despair. We no longer live by the spirit but by the soul. The very core becomes rotten from the inside. And we recognize it because the things we say and do are foul.

Not just sexually foul. There are many kinds of foulness.

If there’s anyone the devil wants to take out, it’s young people. We live in a fallen world. So our bodies still need to struggle though some things. And as a teen, my goodness do you have struggles. And the devil is using that. But as children of God, are you hearing me?

Put on that helmet of defense. Understand whose you are. Who you belong to.


Shield of Faith

Four feet long and 2.5 feet wide. Designed to interlock together. Designed to cover you completely. To protect you. Cover your head, feet, core.

When the enemy shoots fiery darts, when the shields are linked together, when the fiery darts are fired, they cannot penetrate.

We are called to be connected together in our faith. Sometimes we get so weak and weary we can’t stand alone. We need someone to come to say, “I will shield you with my faith. I will pray for you and protect you.”

With this shield, we are to walk. To advance as an army. Not just for defense.


The Word of God

It’s The Sword of the Spirit. The Spirit’s Sword. This weapon is not to be handled by us. Don’t take this too far. It’s like putting a gun into a child’s hands. Many accidents happen because people aren’t using guns properly. And many people are hurt when people don’t use the WoG properly. As you walk in the Word, the HS has to be allowed to give counsel and direction.

The Spirit must be at work giving us counsel, direction. How to walk in the Wog. To be obedient t the Wog. To be submitted to it. As you seek God in his word and as you hear the word that is able to divide the soul and spirit, as you spirit is being fed, it is given direction according to the Wog.



You can’t be a partial warrior. You have to be complete in the armor of God. You have to walk in the armor properly. Not your righteousness, but the righteousness of Christ. Not relative truth but the absolute truth the Wog. Can’t swing it flippantly, it has to be the Wog at work in you, the Sp of God at work in you.


How many of us walk through the day succumbing to all the schemes of the evil one because we haven’t clothed ourselves. Belt of truth. Righteousness. The gospel. Faith. Salvation. The WoG.

We have to walk complete in order to be victorious.


A lot of us don’t like to do this. Why? It takes work. It means that time I’ve carved out for entertainment of something else that is important, I need to set aside time for the KoK and LoL. That’s what Jesus did (Php 2). Jesus is Lord of all. Not us. So, daily, Lord I come before you. Not my strength, abilities, righteousness, some conjured faith, name-it-claim-it. But full confidence in your word. I know WoG is complete. I need to know the truth, be in your word, be submitted to the Spirit. So I can understand the truth and walk in it.


Belt of Truth - We must u’stand that this is the first qualification of the Christian soldier. To start here doubting is to enter battle blind or lame. Girdle gives strength and freedom of action. Truth does this too. Can’t stand against powers of darkness if your mind is stored with the speculations of other men. Nothing but the truth of God will enable us to keep our feet for a moment against the heavens rulers.


Breastplate - righteousness of Christ. Withstand despairing thoughts and accusations that the enemy shoots at me / us.

Php 3:8-9 - Righteousness NOT from ourselves. The surpassing worth of knowing XJ my Lord. 

Infinitely perfect righteousness that satisfies the Lord. A sure defense against all assaults whether from within or from without.


Gospel of peace - gives me assurance of his favor. Gives me joy and readiness of mind. It’s for us and for others.


Shield of faith - Your faith in X is your shield. Standing, resting, trusting, believing in who X is. He’s our L of all. We must have complete confidence in what he’s done for us. And that what He still says is truth. Our faith must be in X alone.


The Helmet - The should will follow the mind and the heart will yield to the soul. Therefore the mind must be protected.


Sword of Spirit - has a self-evidencing light. The HS will prompt, guide, counsel via the WoG. It’s how we know the true WoG as he speaks to us. As we yield to the HS counsel via the word, it destroys everyone humanistic idea in our walk w/ X. It withstands all false. To all these things the soul’s simple and suffice answer is the Wog. As we rely on the sword, we conquer. If we rely on anything else (science, reason, tradition), then the church or the Christian is at the mercy of the adversary.


Victory starts and ends with understanding the importance of putting on the complete armor of God.


Next week we’ll talk about the importance of prayer in spiritual warfare.


11:28 - Will, come forward. Please stand.