Gateway Christians Think Multi-Generationally (Reconciling Man to Man)

For the first time in history there are four generations that are sharing the work place together. People are living longer and generation changes are happening quicker.  This means ideology, preferences, values and overall mindsets will vary greatly. This is in our work place. There is another place that is designed to be a host to all these generations together; it is the church! If there is any place that should be aware of the different generations and understand the importance of valuing and caring for each generation, it is the church, the Bride of Christ. This is one of the beauty marks of Christ’s Bride. Since, it is one of the beautiful elements of Christ’s bride we can assume the enemy would love to distort and disfigure this beautiful quality. So, in knowing all of this, what are we to do? Well, if you are a gateway Christian part of your DNA is to think multigenerationally. I would encourage you to join me this Sunday as we look at the topic of what it means from a biblical standpoint to think multigenerationally. Hope to see you Sunday.


Pastor Michael