In God We Trust: How to Wait and Pray for Your Country

It's often stated among pastors that in order to be a successful pastor or minister of the gospel your priority must be God first, family second and ministry third. To be a godly husband: God must be first, wife second and job third. To be a godly wife: it is the same order. To be a godly parent: God must be first, spouse second, children third. To be a godly patriot: God must be first, family second, country third. There are many people who struggle with these statements especially the last statement. In fact, some of our country leaders struggle with it to the point that if you put their priorities in order, this is what you would see: me first, political party second, country third, God and family battling for fourth and fifth. 

Power and pride are always a dangerous combination.

So if this is truly the case - with not all but many of our leaders - what do we do? First of all, we recognize that the environment maybe more of the problem than the individual. In many secular leadership paradigms or political arenas it's all about being cunning, scheming, deceptive in many cases, and about gaining power over others. These environments tend to be a dark stormy place. In the political arena these leaders represent us. Thus the country we live in is susceptible to being overtaken by this darkness. If this is true, then what can we do? The last three weeks we have been dealing with aspects of this topic. This Sunday we will conclude with the last installment of "How to Wait and Pray for Your Country.” Hope to see you Sunday. 

Love you all,

Pastor Michael