The Grace Factor

“Grace be with you.” “Grace be upon you.” “May you be filled with Grace.” I truly believe that the understanding of this word and the power of this word alone will completely revolutionize your life. This is not some sweet passive flowery word we use to describe something that is sweet or lovely. It is a state of being. It is the evidence of a power-packed, God-ordained, Christ-surrendered, and Spirit-filled life. Grace is the game changer for all true believers. If you want to know if someone is the real deal ask yourself if your see the function and impact of grace in their life, speech, attitude, mindset, and lifestyle. It is my belief that the enemy has deceived us from knowing the fullness to the meaning of this word. If you are feeling lost, weak, weary, wounded, lukewarm, etc., I encourage you to make sure you are here over the next several Sundays as we start our “Empowered by Grace” series. Join us as we unpack the meaning, power and the purpose behind the word grace. I truly hope I see you this Sunday and the next several Sundays as we allow God wake us up and get us out of ourselves. I love you all.

Pastor Michael