Grace + Sonship = Trench Ministry

Being a true follower of Christ who is completely yielded to His grace means we must be yielded to doing “Trench Ministry.” “What is Trench Ministry?” you may ask. Trench Ministry is Jesus’ ministry. If you were to look at all the ministry that Jesus walked in from the very foundation of His ministry to us, you will see how He left His glorious home in Heaven to come to a filthy sin soiled earth to fellowship and minister to us and to those who we in our piousness may consider to be the chief of sinners. He came to touch us all and to love us all. He came to us in our state of depravity and said “I did not come to condemn the world but to save it.” What a glorious statement. He even came to love and care for the very ones who would falsely accuse him and conspire to have him killed. He even went into all of those unclean places and touched those who literally could give Him a deadly disease. Many people despised him for his actions of caring for them, the outcasts of society, but this is our Jesus. This is grace and this is to be us. We are to be those controversial ones that others talk about and revile against because we love and care for all. We are to be the ones that others choose not to understand but choose the easy route of condemning. We are called to be those peculiar people down in the trenches, living a grace filled life and doing “Trench Ministry.” Brothers and sisters it has been stated many times in the news lately that Michael James Walker has been on this earth for 51 years. In those 51 years at least 31 of them have been in ministry. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that loving our Heavenly Father and doing our Father’s will whole heartedly is what matters. This is what we are about. I pray that I see each of you here this Sunday as we talk more about God’s Amazing Grace and Trench Ministry. I love you all.

See You Sunday,

Pastor Michael