I See Beautiful People

“You’ve got to be kidding me; that person is a rebellious headache. She is a wasted life.” I recently had a precious conversation with an amazing and beautiful woman named Lynn. The words in quotation are words that were spoken about her in the past. You see, Lynn has lived through things that are so horrific our naïve minds can’t begin to have a nightmare about them. She has been through things so graphic and dehumanizing that we would rather look away and ignore them than have to see the cruelty some people suffer through. As she shared her story, my heart ached and shuttered. I found myself speaking my thoughts aloud to her. I said, “How can you be sane after what you have gone through?” Then she gave me the sweetest, simplest and most profound answer. She said, “Jesus.” If only she knew how close I was to weeping. She said, “While I was going through everything it truly just about destroyed me.” She had become hardened, angry, and deeply wounded- a shell of a person. It was to the point that when she was in prison a person made the comment that she was a wasted life, a “throw away person.” That’s what the world saw but Jesus and someone completely yielded to Jesus saw a beautiful masterpiece of God. Now this beautiful masterpiece is living out a yielded life to Christ that many of us only wish we could have. This Sunday morning we will hear a preview of her testimony and the work she is now doing as we explore Christ’s mission- now our mission- which is to see beautiful and whole people. Then on Sunday night, we will grieve and rejoice as Lynn gives her full testimony and talks about the great work that God has called her to. I hope you all join me this Sunday for this precious and important message. I love you all.

Pastor Michael