The Importance of Unified and Corporate Prayer

Hi Family,

As you all know we had very unforeseen circumstances that arose last week. I truly felt it was important to address the accident and share God’s Word on how we look at and respond to situations like that. So, this week even though it is Father’s Day we will be looking at what was originally scheduled for last week’s message, "The Importance of Unified and Corporate Prayer." In fact, the more I thought about the message that the Lord has given me I realized it is a great message for Father’s Day. As we seek to navigate our family through the bombardment of the enemy’s temptations and lies, it is easy for our families to become casualties of war. This week’s message will address our best weapon to protect our family and receive deliverance for our family. I pray that I will see you all this Sunday. Love you all.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Michael