Living a Purposed Life of Reconciliation

"One more, Lord. Give me one more." This was the statement made over and over again by the character Desmond Doss in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. What makes that statement so powerful is because it was the actual statement that Desmond Doss made as he ran into harm’s way over and over again to save soldiers who were wounded and left to die on the battlefield. I was reminded of these words when a few days ago I heard about an 11-year-old boy who hung himself because he was being bullied at school. I literally wept while I laid in bed thinking about it. I wonder if this precious, tormented soul was a believer. Then other people began to come to my mind. Many of these people I barely knew anything about but they were people that I have crossed paths with numerous times. I realized that I have only shared with a few of them about the great, priceless treasure that I have that could transform their life. I wept again. I felt as though I felt the heart of my Heavenly Father. I didn’t feel condemned. I just felt great grief. Desmond Doss ran into harm’s way to save people. That is when it hit me; this is what a gateway Christian does.  They understand the gravity of the situation and they risk it all to be used by God to save one, even if they are viewed as an enemy. “One more, Lord. Give me one more.”  Hope to see you Sunday as we make this our hearts cry.


Pastor Michael