Missing the Obvious

Have you ever received an email, postcard or heard an advertisement on the radio about a very important event? Imagine the event is several months away, but because you know this event is extremely important you make yourself several reminders. However, as time draws near with the busyness of life you remember that there is something significant that is supposed to happen and you even see some of the reminders, but you neglected to be specific. You see the obvious signs but because you can’t clearly remember, you dismiss it. Then it happens, three or four months pass by and you are stopped dead in your tracks. “Stink,” you say, “I missed it.” Yes, after all of that excitement and all the reminders for this very important event- somehow, someway- you still missed it. The opportunity is now gone and all you are left with is the pain of this missed event. This Sunday as we focus on “Palm Sunday” we will discuss the gravity of missed signs and opportunities. I pray that I will see you all this Sunday.

Loving you all,

Pastor Michael