Part of the Whole

2018 is underway. Many of us have set goals that are currently in progress. We find ourselves off to a good start toward those milestones we set along the way to the mountaintops we are pursuing. Getting to that first milestone will feel great. That sense of accomplishment we will have as we reach that marker will be enough to sustain us into the future. Milestones are great.

What happens if we stop at that milestone? We have certainly accomplished something and should be proud of that achievement. Yet there may still be something we’re lacking, something incomplete, something not as amazing as it could be.

So it is with our spiritual walk. What happens if we only live part of the gospel? What happens if we become content with a life that looks like we’re Christians to the rest of the world, but we’re missing out on something Jesus wants for us? On one hand, we have reached a major milestone. On the other, we’re missing out on what could truly be.

Join us Sunday as we look into the lives of a group of disciples, lives that should remind us that no matter what our spiritual background, no matter where we’ve come from, no matter how far we’ve come, we can all set and pursue the goal of making 2018 more centered on Jesus, more full of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit than ever before. Let’s look together at how Scripture reminds us of the completeness of life in Christ as we seek to make a difference in the world around us, just as they did.

Grace and Peace,

Jeff Roe