Pass On What You Have Learned

Celebrating the turning of a calendar year often involves times of reflection over past events and anticipation of future events. People often perform something of an inventory of how the past 12 months have gone while at the same time setting goals for the coming months. Some we set are new goals, while others are renewed goals. These renewed goals can be something we’ve begun and wish to continue, or they may be aspirations to pursue what we have struggled or even failed to achieve before.

As much as we might like to avoid the topic, the journey of the Christian life can be frequented by times of struggle, or even failure, with achieving what we believe we ought. We read and hear stories of amazing victory in the power of Christ, and yet at times our personal experience does not seem to match. We see all the things we could (or feel like we should) be accomplishing, and when our strength fails we attempt to make sure no one else knows.

Scripture is full of examples of how people have failed both physically and spiritually, and yet many of these perceived failures become lessons for us moving forward. It seems, rather, that some of the greatest lessons for future generations come through the failures of God’s people and their reliance upon a God who never fails, who uses these same broken people to accomplish something profound in the lives of those who follow.

Join us this Sunday as we wrap up 2017, look ahead to 2018, and renew our own commitment to pass on what we learn in failure as we trust a God who never fails.