To Pray or Pledge: What would Jesus do and what does God desire?

As we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day my thoughts were drawn to the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  As I recited in my head I felt the Lord quicken my spirit and a question came to me. Father, is this pleasing to you? There are so many thoughts that began to flow from this. My heart was stirred with a holy fear as I dared to ask the question; does this pledge condemn us or bless us? Talk about being controversial. Please, understand that I am a God fearing, God serving, God honoring, patriot; thus the turmoil. As I continued to look at the whole pledge, my heart became troubled with why we are saying this pledge and do we truly mean it; any of it? If we do mean it, is that good or bad? Wow; talk about putting yourself out there… 

Last week we talked about waiting on God and listening for His heart and His plan in regard to how we pray. It was during my time of waiting on the Lord to know how to pray for the country that I am thankful to be a part of this pledge and those questions arose in me. God, how do you see us as a Country? Father, how do we pray for our country? This week we will be looking at a very sensitive and practical topic regarding how we wait and pray for our country. Please, be in prayer for me as I prepare my heart for this extremely important message. I hope to see you all this Sunday.

Praying for you all,