Resolved (Making New Year's Resolutions worth Keeping)

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution?  Are you planning on making one this year?  If you've made them in the past, did you keep them?  Was your resolution worth keeping?  Why do so many people make so many resolutions to change so many aspects of their lives... and then don't keep them?  Join us this Sunday as we look at several groups of people in the Bible that were called by God to have true resolve to change some very important situations in their lives.  We'll look at where their resolve came from and how to strengthen our New Year's resolutions so that they will be ones that are worth keeping.


Rip Patton


Looked at a few passages from the OT and NT and observed the following:

  1. What God led them to do
  2. What they actually did
  3. The outcome

The passages:

  1. Joshua 6:1-17, 20 - The bizarre conquest of Jericho
  2. 1 Sam 17 - David defeats Goliath
  3. Matt 14:13-18 - Feeding the "10,000" with almost nothing
  4. John 3:14-17 - God's plan for dealing with our sin

The pattern: the ridiculous tends to be God's plan

The process for strengthening our resolve:

  1. Acknowledge who God is
    1. The God of the impossible. And His plan may not make sense to you.
    2. The God of "I've got this". Whether you're dealing with sickness, life going sideways, a bad situation.
  2. Know He has a plan. All we have to do is comply with his direction.
  3. Seek Him, Trust Him, Obey Him.
  4. Be ready to experience His miracles. Imagine disciples' feeling after feeding the 5000. And the new confidence in God they had.