Thank you for your service and we pray for God’s mercy and blessing

I, Michael Walker as Sr. Pastor of Southside Baptist Church want to make something crystal clear. We as a church honor and support our country and our troops. We thank every man and woman who has honorably served our country faithfully in whatever capacity that they were called to serve. We thank the families who allowed their loved ones to pay the ultimate price for the people of this country. We also thank those who are now actively serving in the armed forces. Words cannot accurately express the amount of gratitude that we have for you and for the example you set of someone who is willing to give their life for another. We pray for you and will continually pray for you. We believe in you. We earnestly pray for our country as well. We pray that the Holy God of the Bible would truly bless America and that as a country we would honor our God and glorify His Holy name in all we do.

This Sunday we will honor our veterans and as a church body we will stand and kneel together to seek the face of our Lord. We will seek God’s mercy and blessing on behalf of our country. I humbly request that you make every effort to be there this Sunday for this important service.

Blessings and peace,

Pastor Michael