What We Can Learn from a Fired Manager

Pastor Michael is out on a well-deserved vacation this week, so one of our elders, Andy Sharples, will be preaching. The title of his sermon is What We Can Learn from a Fired Manager. Andy is sharing the story Jesus told of the comeback of the dishonest manager found in Luke 16:1-9. This story teaches us that, while love is the hallmark of true Christianity, one thing Christians need is to be more ______. Join us for a fascinating and helpful look at a passage that's often misunderstood. (Know what goes in the blank? Get the discussion started: tweet it, and be sure to @southbcpeople!)

Luke 16:1-9



Special thanks to Haddon Robinson. His message on this text is at http://voicesforchrist.org/audio_messages/77635?dl=true

 A large chunk of the message in the middle it's taken verbatim from his message.  Haddon, Thank you so much for making this message available to us!