When We Learn to Wait

The primary purpose for prayer is not to give God directions but to receive directions from Him. Sometimes the thing that God wants to change in a situation is you. Waiting on the Lord necessitates two key elements: a complete dependence on God and a willingness to allow Him to decide the terms, including the timing of His plan. We often see or hear about a situation that needs to be addressed in prayer and then we immediately jump into prayer; spouting out whatever comes to mind at the moment. Never mind the fact that we still struggle with earthly thoughts and ideologies all the time. We seem to forget that we must pray according to God’s will and with His heart for the matter. I believe one of the greatest reasons for unanswered prayer is because we simply do not wait on our Lord to reveal His heart for the matter and submit to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This Sunday we will be looking more at the necessity of waiting. Hope to see you all this Sunday for this important message.

Love you all,

Pastor Michael