Giving to Southside

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Giving is worship.

More than just giving a donation to a church, giving "tithes and offerings" is a profound act of worship. My bank statement tells a lot about me, because my priorities are reflected in how I spend my money and my time and energy. Under ancient biblical law, every citizen was expected to give 10% of his income to the Lord--the word "tithe" means "tenth". So, modern-day Christians consider that giving 10% of our gross income to God is a good baseline. Many members go beyond 10% and, by faith, freely give more. God blesses as we step out in faith and we give as we are able.

Giving during the worship service.

During the worship service, ushers pass offering plates through the congregation so we can put our gifts (checks made out to "Southside Baptist Church" or cash) into the plates. A team of deacons immediately goes to the bank to deposit the offerings we've given.

Giving online from your bank.

You can give to Southside using your bank's "Bill Pay" system. 100% of the amount you designate is sent to the church without any fees or taxes. Here's the information you need to set up payment to Southside:

Recipient: Southside Baptist Church, 209 Marsheutz Ave SE, Huntsville, AL 35801-3808, 256-539-0621
Account: {your envelope number or contact the church office for your account number}

The General Fund needs your regular support.

Like most churches, Southside is 100% donor supported. Thanks to your gifts, we are able to send teams of people around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. We put on Kids Camps. We assist families in need, both members and non-members. And of course, we pay for the routine necessities--utilities, insurance, maintenance, salaries. Please make giving to Southside a regular part of your financial life.

We are transparent about our finances.

A finance report is given at every quarterly business meeting. Further details are available to you upon request to the church office.