Men's Ministry: Game Changers

Every man who is a part of Southside Baptist Church is already a part of the “Men's Ministry”. We all play a part in ministry as church leaders, heads of households, husbands, fathers, teachers, ministers and much more. Our focus as a ministry to men at Southside is to encourage men to become “Game Changers”--to create opportunities for men to get off the bench and the pews and become bold disciples of Christ, willing to become more effective in their ministry to their families, their church and others outside of the church.

Game Changers offers opportunities for fellowship with other men, relevant men's studies, service to others, and service to the church. It has been said that most of our problems with divorce, abortion, fatherless, crime, and other cultural issues can be traced back to the failure of a man. It is our mission to nurture men not only to combat these issues in our own lives, but to disciple other men to keep them from making these same mistakes. This can begin with strong Christian Men stepping out to be leaders, Sunday school teachers, mentors and friends to other men.

Check out the calendar of events for upcoming activities like our quarterly biscuit breakfast, service opportunities, small group studies, retreats, conferences, and church-wide events where you can connect with other men.