Communicating Love: Special Needs Ministry

Every Sunday evening we have an awesome opportunity to pour out the love of Jesus on a great group of people with special needs. We have wonderful times with crafts, music, Bible lessons, games, and fellowship- all while sharing the love of Christ! This class is to help us learn to live in the world as Jesus wants us to live and to bring light to the people who don’t know him.

We typically have 2-3 students per teacher, and many of the things we do and teach are practical with everyday applications. We have a great group of teachers that love to pour their lives into this class and the lives of the students.

There is no age limit on this class. We have younger students as well as members in their 60s and 70s. We strive to have activities that interest all ages and lessons that can be applied to any and all lives.

Our normal class consists of an activity (a craft, game, puzzle, etc .), teaching in a large-group setting, and a time of singing with music and instruments.

We also sing and present our lessons in sign language. It is important for the students to have different ways to express themselves and often signing is easier than vocal singing.

Each February we have a community-wide Valentine’s party hosted by our class. We usually offer chili, sandwiches, drinks, and dessert. After dinner, we play bingo and have prizes to take home. This is a big night and a lot of fun.

In the fall we have an end-of-season picnic with hotdogs and hamburgers, games, puzzles, tandem bike rides, bubbles, etc. This is also a community-wide event and is hosted by our class.

As our name says, we are here to communicate the love of Jesus to people with special needs and their families. Please come join us!