Church Leadership Roles

Southside is organized to carry out ministry through different ministry groups. We are led and served by elders, ministers and staff, deacons, committees, and teams.


Southside's elders are men who volunteer and provide overall shepherding of the church. Eldership is less of an organizational leadership, and more of an organic leadership. We don't view the church as a business, but more as a family. The church are disciples of Christ and colaborers with God. The elders and their ministry focus are Michael Walker (senior pastor), Rip Patton (discipleship), Doug Taylor (evangelism), Jim Hughes (facilities), Hollis Bagley (conflict resolution), Andy Sharples (digital ministry), Carl Peck, Wayne Eads.

Ministers and Staff

Our (paid) ministerial staff are Senior Pastor Michael Walker (also an elder), Associate Pastor of Students Byron Bradshaw, Children's Minister Lisa Lowell, and Worship Pastor Will Neely.

In addition to ministerial staff, we have paid staff who take care of the office, childcare, facilities, and food service.


We have a flexible number of deacons who oversee ministry to shut-ins including providing communion, hospital ministry, campus security, and outreach events (such as a periodic free car wash).


Sunday morning Bible teachers are all volunteers and are responsible to their pastor and the elders for their teaching and the care of their classes. Preschool and children's teachers are responsible to our Children's Minister, Lisa Lowell. Middle and high school teachers are responsible to the Associate Pastor of Students, Byron Bradshaw, and adult teachers are responsible to the discipleship elder, Rip Patton.

Committees and Teams

Most of the other ministries are carried out through these committees and teams.

  • Adult Teachers and Officers
  • Baptism Team
  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • Childrens Leadership Team
  • Family Assistance Ministry
  • Library Team
  • Men's Ministry Team
  • Mission Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Policy and Procedure Committee
  • Preschool Teachers and Officers
  • Real Estate Committee
  • Senior Adult Leadership Team
  • Sparkman Homes Ministry Team
  • Special Needs Ministry
  • Trustees
  • Women's Leadership Team
  • Youth Leadership and Teachers